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Review: New Jersey’s Stam Goody drops Defining Moments EP

In Hip Hop by Jessica Salter

New Jersey rapper Stam Goody has made his official mark in the game with his debut project ‘Defining Moments.’ Although the EP is only 7 tracks including an intro, Goody shows off how talented he really is and why he deserves to sneak above from the underground scene.

The former athlete’s lead single ‘Clutch’ which now has visuals, depicts what it is like to be a black athlete in America and how the clutch phenomenon of doing whatever is necessary to succeed should be used in all aspects of life. ‘Patience’ is his second single which is completely different and brings about a type of vulnerability based of events that took place when he was younger as well a dedication to his late grandfather.

He switches up his style with a more aggressive stance on ‘Stamina’ where he has  a message for the new generation of rappers, stating that others have to rap about drugs in order to get a deal, while he also pays homage to Jay-Z, Eminem and Tupac on the stand out track ‘The Greatest.’

Overall the project is just what is needed for Goody to make a name for himself  – he can go from an emotional slow jam to a positive feel good rap record, evident towards the end of the EP  with his discussion on what is more important that a million dollars but also what it is like to have a million dollars…

Stream the debut EP from @StamGoody‘ – Defining Moments’ here –