Review: new Baileys Brown album Still Fresh drops today on Potent Funk!

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

The hottest producer out of Bristol, Baileys Brown today drops ‘Still Fresh’ his latest solo album which boasts a mouth watering range of hip hop talent. Stream the album via your favourite streaming platform here.  The album features emcee talent in the form of Stinking Slumrok, Datkid, Black Josh, Bil Next, Jinxsta JX, Axel Holy, Juganaut, Wish, Vard, Ly, Jordan Nathaniel, Anbu, Hozay, Bogues, Conz & Jay0117!

To see the whole experience live in the flesh, don’t forget the Still Fresh launch party in London on 2nd August –

Having built up momentum for this release ever since Horse’s Mouth dropped on Christmas eve last year, the singles kept coming and the anticipation only grew over time.  The single featuring Datkid and Jinxsta JX provides a great taste of the outside-of-the-box beats Baileys delivers, and was complimented further by the emcees’ inputs.

The follow up video for Reeboks saw Baileys jump on the mic, as his alter-ego Axel Holy. The technicolor and sketchy video matched the vibe of the beat and gave a deeper look into how his beats are put together.

The next single ‘Gimme’ was the one which drew the biggest audience, not only because of the song itself but the label, Potent Funk ran a competition, inviting emcees to enter a 16 bar verse to feature on the official remix.

Inline with the album release day, Baileys brought Lee Scott and Dabbla on board for a super dope video of ‘Something Else Entirely (Not Human)’. Speaking of the video, Dabbla explained “We wanted a b-movie sci-fi thriller which captured the struggle between man and machine and portrayed the love/hate relationship between creation and it’s creator”.