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Review: Mind Vortex – Colours EP


Review: Mind Vortex – Colours EP

The RAM Records duo Mind Vortex is back with a brand new EP entitled ‘Colours’.  Mind Vortex is a drum & bass act composed of Stefan Anfield and Laurie Carroll who is a clarinet and saxophone player whereas Stefan is a piano player so they know their stuff with regards to classical music.

The first contact you’ll probably get with this is the artwork, and the explosion of colours is for me similar to the explosion of beat and sub that fill that EP.

‘Overture’ is for me a perfect synopsis of the duo’s background, inspirations and style. Referring to the opening of an opera, it is mixing both classical and Drum & Bass sounds. The classical sounds brings some epicness while the drum and the subs leads your mind to blankness with a powerful rhythm.

‘Colours’ is the following song. I’m not a big fan of this one because I had this weird feeling of déjà vu while listening to it even tho I know this is a false sensation. Yet, it is a good song mixing some punchy drum & bass chords with tender vocals. It is definitely a club anthem. The vibes are good and percussions are dynamic, it has everything to satisfy the Drum & Bass ravers out there.

‘Underworld’ is for me some kind of revelation. If ‘Colours’ bored me (a bit), ‘Underworld’ reminds me why I listen to Drum & Bass in the first place. A dynamism that can’t be matched by anything else thanks to the heavy basses and the a high pace rhythm. This is really mind blowing!

Finally, ‘Till the sun comes’ is deeper than the other songs in this EP. The use of vocal echoes give that feeling of listening music under water. Here, this song reminds me of some psychedelic music I love to listen from time to time (meaning almost all the time for me). “Imagine a world where you can see the sound…”. This is what it feel like to listen to this song.

All in all, this new EP was full of good surprises and give the promise to make lots of people dance in clubs arund the world!

If you missed their #sixtyminutes of RAM on Mistajam’s 1xtra show, listen back here now:


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