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Review: Method Man- The Meth Lab

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

Review: Method Man- The Meth Lab

Following a number of teasers over the last few weeks Method Man’s fifth studio album The Meth Lab is finally out. Standing at 19 tracks plus instrumentals Method Man assembles a diverse range of guests both familiar and new including appearances from fellow Wu Tang members Raekwon, Inspectah Deck and Masta Killa.

If there is one key theme to run in the album it’s authenticity; with Method Man sticking largely to a classic East Coast style with punchy percussion, heavy piano and complex lyricism exemplified on tracks like Rain All Day.

“All that pretty boy rap ain’t really where I’m at” raps Meth on 2 Minutes of Your Time taking shots at modern commercial rap adding “rappers don’t really ride they piggy back, I’d trade them all to have 2Pac and Biggie back”.

In keeping with the authenticity of the album it proves just as much a homage to Staten Island. “This right here Staten island artists, done by Staten Island, made in Staten Island” declares the album’s intro, literally true with recording handled by Staten Island’s Track Stars Studio as well as the impressive roster of Staten natives taking guest spots including Meth’s own nephews on Lifestyles.

Released August 21st The Meth Lab is available for streaming via Spotify or download through iTunes.