Review: Melanin 9 – Magna Carta

In Hip Hop by Katie Allen

Melanin 9’s outstanding debut album ‘Magna Carta’ is an awesome feat, with immense lyrical mastery and conscientious rhymes discussing truthful outlooks. The topics he covers are diverse, and without sounding trite, you can imagine that blood, sweat and tears have been poured into it! 

Tracks leading the way are ‘Landslide’ which dare to say is irresistibly catchy, yet really thought-provoking behind the real message. ‘The 7 Blues’ is poignant and soulful with end jazzy elements included; it almost seems he composed an entire symphony upon this with mindblowing storytelling whilst being consistent lyrically/technically.
He goes against the grain and beaten track with not having the usual hook and verse structure either; in essence breaking the rules but being a rebel with an actual just cause. He assembles cool breaks, sometimes over six minutes but who cares it’s incredibly well deserving! Furthermore ‘Organised Democracy’ is truly mesmerizing, completely unrestricted while the beat just instantly captivates you!

He puts to the forefront civil/human rights, social cohesion, institutional corruption, embezzlement and injustice making clear the importance of containing high esteem yet humbling yourself and valuing the community. M9’s astonishingly pioneering nature has made him establish a loyal hardcore UK fanbase and build prominence within Europe, in addition regular support from the US “Tru Skool” appreciators!
The exceptional Magna Carta LP is out 3rd Dec 2012: featuring Roc Marciano, Triple Darkness & Madame Pepper.  Production from Jehst, Anatomy, HeyZues, 7th Dan, Parental, Ohbliv & Tony Mahoney. 
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chemo at Kilamanjiro Studios, London. 
Check our exclusive interview with him here:

1) Gene of Isis (prod by Anatomy)
2) Magna Carta (prod by Anatomy)
3) Landslide (prod by Anatomy – scratches by Evil Ed) *
4) The 7 Blues (ft Madame Pepper) (prod by Hey!Zues)
5) Cosmos (prod by Parental – scratches by DJ LOD)
6) 11:08 (prod by Option Command) 
7) Love’s Stencil (feat. Madame Pepper) (prod by OhBliv)
8) Heartless Island (feat. Triple Darkness) (prod by Jehst)
9) White Russian (feat. Roc Marciano- Flipmode) (prod by Anatomy)
10) Red Snow (prod by Anatomy)
11) Organised Democracy (prod by Tony Mahony – scratches by DJ Madhandz) *
12) No Man’s Land (feat. Triple Darkness) (prod by 7th Dan)
13) Colour Blind (feat. Madame Pepper) (prod by Anatomy)
14) Marble (prod by Tony Mahoney)