Review: Marger – Kush EP

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The press release that accompanied the promo had Logan Sama telling us that Marger “is at the forefront of a new wave of young MC’s bringing back the authentic underground sound of grime…” That is a lot for Marger and his EP to live up to, and although, it is relatively strong body of work, there is a little more to do to fully back up the earlier statement.

On “My Thing”, Marger gives us an introspective view of his life over a slower beat that allows him to breathe and really articulate his story. We hear his personal progression, from when he started doing dirt in the flats to making changes in his life for him and his daughter. Sibling’s hook sits well on the track and breaks up Marger’s verses nicely.

“Stress” is littered with angry vocals over a bassy beat which gives an insight into Marger’s daily grind. The production reflects the knuckle-head approach to his lyrics and angelic vocal sample lulls you into a false sense of security before the vocals crash through the beat once again.

On “Grime Ting” Marger flows over a rasping, filthy beat, addressing the haters and showcasing everything we love about grime, full of threats and promises about what he’s capable of. Production takes on a slightly more dubstep stance with thundering riffs and a few vocal samples thrown in for extra effect.

“Power” gives an introspective view from Marger and this time the subject matter is sex. Spitting over a synth led tune in the style of a Rude Kid beat, he delivers bars about the raw physicality of sex as well giving a more considerate view to the emotions it conjures up. Mercston weighs in with a feature, but his “sweet boy” persona doesn’t especially add anything to the tune.

On RIP, Badness joins Marger on the tune by delivering the hook on a thumping bassy beat. Marger’s brings more knuckle-headed “bang, bang, shank, shank” bars where he tells us that he’s never been rushed. Badness’ hook stays on the same grimy theme but is slightly below par for someone of his standard although by the end they definitely don’t seem like a team you ‘wan fi try test’!!

Kushwave is a good insight into Marger’s mind, and begins to elevate him from an MC to ‘artist’ status, but there is room for improvement before he can justify being on the front line of the new wave and being a fully paid up artist. Definitely worth the cop tho!