Madison Washington

Review: Madison Washington – Code Switchin’

In Hip Hop by Mark Hammond

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Madison Washington Code Switchin’ EP is one of those little recordings that’s too bizarre to pigeonhole. However, there’s a lot of hip hop like this, in so much as you could pigeonhole it into the “un-pigeon-holeable”. If you will, which doesn’t always equate to anything hard to stomach, but a piece that seems to slightly lack the sum of its parts.
That’s not to say that the Code… isn’t without its merits. In it I hear a recording that wears its heart on its sleeve and paints a landscape where a flag of influence never flies half mast.
Brought to the ill culinary behaviour, there’s definitive shades of A Tribe Called Quest (Travellers Cloak), K.Dot and vocal tinges of a young Busta Rhymes, but also the socio-political drive and rhetoric of early Gil Scott Heron and the always over-looked Anti-Pop Consortium (Lotus In The Slums). But for how great the production is on one track, it can be overshadowed elsewhere. I’d love to hear a completely re-written bass across the board, for one.
Madison Washington was an American slave and cook who incited a revolt. But on this project, Madison Washington is , a DJ/producer from Sheffield, and , a rapper/poet from Oakland, California now living in Paris.
In the spirit of the rebel-eyed cook (and to enormously misquote Simon and Garfunkel), here’s what MadWash can already take along, should their spiritual travels take them via Scarborough Fair: “Bars-beats, Rage, Flows-many…”
Just add “…Time”, and the roots will grow strong.