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Review: Mac Miller – Break the Law

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Review: Mac Miller – Break the Law

Coming swiftly on the heels of 100 Grandkids and its music video earlier this month Mac Miller has followed up with the second single off upcoming album GO:OD AM.

Switching things up from the slightly more thoughtful ponderings of 100 Grandkids. This new video displays a different side of the Pittsburgh rapper with pure attitude captured in Juicy J’s chorus “get money, fuck the system, break the law”.

Although showing equal measures of braggadocio compared to the first single, Break the Law is less jokey in character. And the darker gritty production sets it up to mean business. As ever the single showcases Mac’s increasingly polished flow and intricate wordplay this time delivered over a head-nodding beat with crashing percussion.

From what we’ve seen so far Mac certainly seems on top form and from the diversity of styles seen so far. 100 Grandkids even switched styles halfway through, GO:OD AM promises to be a strong third album.

GO:OD AM will drop 28th September and can be streamed via Spotify or downloaded on iTunes.

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