Review: Luca Brazi – Dying Proof [+ album stream]

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Review: Luca Brazi – Dying Proof [+ album stream]

Dying Proof cover art

It’s been a busy 12 months or so for the Granville Sessions crew and their extended Moose Funk Squad family. The second Granville album, appropriately titled ‘Forward’, was one of 2013’s strongest releases and a springboard for a series of subsequent projects by members and affiliates.


Luca Brazi himself has been integral to this recent growth. Archetype’s ‘Guilty’ EP, produced by Brazi, marked the arrival of his own ‘Broke Records’ imprint last year. This was swiftly followed by the ‘BOMB’ project, where he shared mic and production duties with Oliver Sudden, as well as recording and mixing Jester Jacobs’ recent mixtape.


Brazi is now ready to establish himself as a solo artist with ‘Dying Proof’, his debut LP and Broke’s second release. Whilst ‘Guilty’ and ‘BOMB’ hinted at his potential as a producer- MC, ‘Dying Proof’ weighs in at a whopping 16 tracks, all handled by Brazi himself. This DIY ethic instantly lends a consistency to the project and features are also kept to a minimum. The fact that the few cameos are from known affiliates adds to the album’s “in-house” feel.

Stylistically, the sound is solid boom bap throughout, with ‘Introview’ setting it off perfectly:

“Fuck a day job, make beats, go nuts, drink beer, take drugs, stay up, paint dubs.”

Much of the album follows in similar rowdy fashion, interspersed with more introspective numbers to bring a balance to proceedings. One of the standouts for me is ‘Breakdown’, featuring fellow Granvillians Archetype and Mnsr Frites, demonstrating again the chemistry between them. After that, the mellow tracks where you get to hear Luc open up grab me the most, such as ‘The Way She Goes’, and especially ‘The Yellow Bird’, my favourite off the LP

“My love I have to offer that’s my life, my whole existence/I’m truly sorry if you feel I’m being distant”.

The Granville Sessions lads go from strength to strength, and ‘Dying Proof’ is indeed evidence that they a force to be reckoned with both individually and collectively. If it sounds like your cup of tea, then head to, where it’s yours for a fiver. Stream below