Review: Lovebox Festival, London – 18-19 July 2014

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Review: Lovebox Festival, London – 18-19 July 2014

Festivals have always brought to the world of live music a little touch of magic as they gathered thousands of people sharing the same love for live musical in all its forms…  Each festival is therefore a tribute to music and Lovebox is in that aspect not different from others.

The atmosphere there was probably the best I have ever known. People went mental at every song the DJs dropped, and started singing and dancing like boneless crazy guys. For me as a French man that is not the Britain I had imagined, and for my first time in a British summer festival, it was something amazing!! 

By the time I arrived, at about 3 p.m., I had the feeling that the people in there were partying for hours and hours but the festival has started just an hour and a half earlier. Still a full afternoon and evening to go!

I quickly checked the line-up of the different scenes and I decided to head to the main stage to see the performance of David Rodigan. On my way, I stopped at one of the many bars to get a bottle of water and a beer to survive the hottest day of the year! Half an hour later I finally got my drinks and I can resume my journey to the main stage. There I had the incredible chance to see Rodigan’s amazing set! As a teacher of reggae music, before each songs he explained to a captivated crowd a bit about the song he is introducing. He mixed in some reggae and hip-hop songs with an incredible skills, which was one of the most impressive parts!

Some beers later and in a state of complete euphoria, I decided to have a walk around the different stages. Through my journey, I have met some incredible musical sensations, different styles, and different waves of happiness. It was crazy. Eventually, my journey brought me to the Big Top where I was sent into a dream by Joy Orbison. I had never heard of him before but this DJ is full of talent. Even though he is not the most expressive DJ I have ever seen, you could feel his happiness in his hard-focused work. His music is the kind you affect directly your mind. You feel like immersed into a giant ocean, freed of all your problems, living the music. Really! This was one of the most intensive musical experience I ever had, and I mean it. Cut from the outside sunny world by the big top, the immersion was complete.

It is already 6 p.m. and my body was catching up with me but I wanted to check out Chase & Status and Sub Focus so I stayed!! In the mean time I headed to the Manor to get some more bass filled action!! It was no deception, the sound was good and the people around me where already mental! 

Unfortunately, my left leg was too painful to let me stay any longer… Probably the cost of too much partying. So I left earlier than expected at 7.30 p.m. to get to the underground station some 15 minutes away before I collapse. The journey back home was a relief for my legs and my ears but my head stayed at Lovebox. 

Despite my early departure, it as a damn good day and an incredible experience – definitely recommended!!