Review: Lord of the Mics VII @ Islington o2, London

In Grime by Nick Russell

Review: Lord of the Mics VII @ Islington o2, London

One of the unmissable events in the grime calendar happened for the 7th time on Wednesday night as Lord of the Mics celebrated it’s 10th year since conception by taking over the O2 in Angel, Islington.

Following a resurgence in 2011, the legendary grime clash event made a welcome return following last year’s epic turn of events which culminated in P Money and Big H at Birthday’s in Dalston.

This year was slightly different as it incorporated a producer and DJ clash on top of the MC clashes, and was hosted by DJ Logan Sama, with Jammer playing umpire/referee/mediator. The highlight of the event was not even the headline clash but instead the DJ clash, as pioneering Birmingham grime DJ Big Mikee beat DJ Dub Plate Mex 8 round to 3, which was judged on the audience reaction. Even though both DJs went in hard, it could have been the case that Big Mikee’s constant trash talking of DPM demoralised him, and DPM didn’t really come back with any equal responses so even when DPM played his Pow! dub the crowd had already picked their side!

The whole night consisted of high energy clashes, and Lady Lykez vs Sox was a special one, as Lykez was really going at Sox for having a small dick (which we pulled down his shorts to protest against!) and even printing a pic of Sox’ mum on her T shirt which formed a big chunk of her content. The fact that Sox was spitting the same bars as used on his Hype session definitely worked against him and it seemed as though Lykez was more prepared and hyped but Sox definitely held his own so he didn’t lose out on a status level. Mez vs Trappy was a more tense affair with Mez jumping in mid way thru Trappy’s verses and even physically nudging him several times to the point that the security had to step in!

The main event of Jaykae vs Kozzie seemed to provide a clear winner, as Jaykae seemed more direct and clear with his bars, proving he’s got what it takes to climb the ranks in grime scene as one the MVPs. After the third round a bonus round was called and as Kozzie walked of the stage the Invasion Alert MC was spitting to the side of the stage at which point someone in the crowd threw a drink in Jaykae’s direction which caused him to kick off, and the whole clash ended pretty abruptly as a method of damage limitation! Following that was the producer clash as Jammer and Heavy Trackers dropped brought out their respective artists, which turned out to be a part of the night which needs to be brought back next year!

Grab your copy of Lord of the Mics VII via http://lordofthemics.co.uk

The full line up consisted of:

  • Row D vs XP

  • Mez vs Trappy

  • DJ Big Mikee vs DJ DPM

  • Lady Lykes vs Sox

  • Kozzie vs Jae Kae

  • Jammer vs Heavy Trackerz