Review: Lord Of The Mics VI live – 18 May

In Grime by Nick Russell

Review: Lord Of The Mics VI live – 18 May

The author and journalist Richard Littlejohn published a book in 1995 called ‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’ and nineteen years later, that phrase proved to become unequivocally relevant. What has been described as the grime version of the WWE Royal Rumble opened it’s doors to the grime industry and for the first time, 150 ticket holders who paid £100 each to see arguably the most anticipated clash since Wiley vs Kano about 10 years ago in LOTM 1! The event started in the early afternoon of a blazing hot Sunday – fans and insiders of the music packed into Birthdays, Dalston to see two warm-up clashes precede the feature presentation.


First up was Leeds representing Dialect, who came with a dark and intense flow against Opium, a talented London MC on the come up who brought his more conventional and direct approach to clashing. Both emcees definitely did not disappoint. Despite the plentiful ‘your mum’ disses they both brought their unique style – Dialect’s multisyllabic bars contrasted well to Opium’s more digestible and clearly delivered verbal shots – hard to pick but for originality reasons, Dialect probably deserved to win that!

We spoke to both of them minutes following the clash – check our instagram posted footage below


Next clash of the day was with two relatively unknown MCs – Manchester MC Dorris and Birmingham’s Hazman a member of Invasion Alert. Both went in really confidently, without faltering and going in hard with the crude bars and swift back-to-back responses which would put a lot of other clashes to shame!

The bars were packed full of double-meanings, wit, humour and overall everything a grime fanatic would look for in an MC clash. Will definitely be keeping an ear out for these two artists in the near future – if yesterday was anything to go by, LOTM head Jammer may have unearthed two names to reckon with in 2014 and beyond!


Following this was the main event – OGz head honcho P Money, undoubtedly one of the grime scene’s most valuable members went up against Bloodline’s self proclaimed grime lord – Big H

This was always going to be a tense affair – the energy in the room had reached an unprecedented level and as everyone hastily approached the front of stage I was encircled by the likes of D Double E, Chronik, Maxsta, Paper Pabs and more, all gunning for the best ringside spot alongside teenage grime fans who were whetting their appetite for a feast on the senses and some unforgettable moments in the genre’s history. 

The clash opened up full paced and unapologetic – brutal bars, strong delivery and a rapturous crowd whose relentless hollering and wall slapping meant a lot of follow up bars were simply drowned out! It should be said the opening round was definitely a more balanced affair than it turned out to be, with both firing shots to the loud applause of the crowd …However after a promising opening two verses from each of the challengers, Big H didn’t follow up with an on-time drop and repeatedly asked DJ on the day, Logan Sama to reload it so he could drop his bars. Promptly responding to H’s request, P Money rightly butted in to say that is not how it worked! 

As you can imagine there were girlfriend and mum disses dished out, as well as the whole Peugot 206/German Whip fiasco – P Money predicted this on twitter before the event, claiming his opening lyrics would leave H speechless, and to a certain extent he was correct – as on a number of occasions Big H’s cue to respond were met with ad libs and dead air, reminiscent of the final battle in 8 Mile!

P Money did his best to let Big H know he wasn’t doing his job, and reassert his dominance on the clash  despite Big H trying to direct proceedings by telling the DJ to move it on to the next round, even tho this was clearly Jammer‘s role as referee of the clash. 

Big H attempted to pull things back and dropped his lyric from ‘German Whip’, which although was well received by the crowd, rightly was denounced by P Money who reminded H that this was Lord of the Mics, not the Eskimo Dance! Bloodline goons in the crowd tried to drown P Money out with loud boos, which definitely seemed unnecessary and slightly immature, while Big H claimed Jammer was taking sides for letting him know he wasn’t playing by the rules! There was a lot of jumbled up on stage arguments for a few minutes until Jammer had the mics cut off, and what followed was the bit no one could have predicted.

Following a generous amount of encouragement, which was followed by demands, Big H refused to spit any more bars, and even walked off stage for a while to everyone’s shock, before returning on stage, to the applause of the crowd – tho this was short lived as he announced his refusal to continue unless he was given more money! This was the most audacious event of the day and P Money rightly asked “What bad man with a rifle acts like this?” 

In terms of entertainment value this was an unforgettable event eclipsing the moment in Lord of the Mics III when Marger swung at Lay-Z mid clash! However it’s undeniable that should this should have been a more comprehensive clash, and the fact that one of the MCs didn’t deliver as we intended it’s only fair to say P Money took this hands down!


Review: Nick Russell