Review: London’s Razor and RD Millz drop joint project Bittersweet

In Hip Hop, Soul by Joe Ponting

Bittersweet by name and bittersweet by nature, the new full-length from Razor sees him team up once again with RD Millz for a record of raw truths and redemption.

The North West London rapper has never shied away from the difficult subjects, even including a chat with Judi Love about depression, paranoia and insecurities as an interlude, and his brutally honest lyricism takes centre stage again here.

This is never more apparent than on ‘Rainy Days’, which offers an unflinching look at growing up in a broken home and tortured musings on Raze becoming a father. It is the closing track on a record which at times swells with optimism about relationships, so it doesn’t exactly present a happy ending, but hearing him wax lyrical about weathering storms is nothing short of cathartic and that’s kind of the point. (Continued below)

That’s not to say that Bittersweet, built on buttery smooth beats, is exclusively dark and introspective – Razor goes far beyond cheeky when relating XXX-rated sexploits on latest single ‘Swimming in your Ovaries’, and is rightfully self-righteous on ‘Wasted Time’.

In some ways it is fitting that it is RD, not Razor, who has the last word on the record. His melancholy, aloof vocals give light and shade throughout Bittersweet, and his contribution cannot be understated. It also shows that Razor lives how he writes – humble. Speaking on the project, Razor said “This is my 8th body of work in 11 years, shout out to everyone that’s been with me on the journey. We touch on numerous topics on this project, including high and lows in the industry, sex, relationships, mental health etc.”

Stream Bittersweet here or below via the Spotify embed.