Review: Lee Scott – Butter Fly LP

In Hip Hop by Alasdair Kennedy

Review: Lee Scott – Butter Fly LP

Cheshire-born rapper Lee Scott is one of the more eccentric rappers to come out of UK underground scene recently. This new full-length album sees him taking his lyrical talents to new highs, exploring subject matter as wide ranging as drugs, manatees and society’s unhealthy obsession with TV. There’s a lot of intelligent social observation going on but an equal amount of fun goofiness – demonstrated through his chronic love of butter and comical boasts such as: ‘I’m ahead of my time, wishing Merry Christmas at the end of July’. This balance of social consciousness and humour gives Lee Scott an entertainingly freakish persona which is entirely his own.

Instrumentally, Butter Fly is equally quirky, many of the beats, provided by Dirty Dike are engineered to sound dusty as if they were uncovered on some warped jazz record found in someone’s attic. His beats perfectly match Lee Scott’s lyrics, dark cinematic strings accompanying the bleaker tone of ‘Eight O Clock In The Morning’ and a water-like floaty beat accompanying ‘Manatee Rap’.

Arguably the album’s only weakspot is Scott’s constantly sleepy flow. He proves on ‘Don’t Tell Me’ that he can switch up the rhythm of his bars, but chooses to keep things simple throughout the rest of the album. Otherwise, the left-field beats and Scott’s bizarre butter-obsessed lyrics make up for this, keeping the record constantly engaging.


The album is available via itunes here