Review: Klute – You Won’t Like It / Rays

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Review: Klute – You Won’t Like It / Rays

Klute has come a long way since hanging up his drumsticks for punk band the Stupids in the early 90’s, and turning to the dark side to embark on a production career spanning more than 20 years was one of the best decisions he ever made.

Peddling his own genre-blending sound, fitting prominent elements of techno as well as house and trance influences into a 174 template, Klute – real name Tom Withers – is now a leading member of that group of producers talked about in hushed tones by those in awe of his razor-sharp sound and phenomenal technical ability. So that’s basically all D&B fans, then.

Klute set up his own label – Commercial Suicide – in 2001, and it is now one of the best-respected imprints in the business, with a catalogue of releases including tracks from Break and Calibre. It is this label that brings us latest single ‘You Won’t Like It’, a fidgeting exercise in atmosphere and restrained power.

On the flip, ‘Rays’ bursts with broken liquefied sunshine, while the shimmering arpeggios and plucked strings of ‘Be Good To The Ones (You Love)’ ends things on as unpredictably upbeat a note as they started. With a straight-up amen break nowhere to be seen, this is Klute in an expansively experimental mood, and that is absolutely nothing to discourage.

You can cop this release via Beatport and stream below