Review: King Kashmere And Bambooman’s ‘SUPERGOD’

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Review: King Kashmere And Bambooman’s ‘SUPERGOD’

King Kashmere And Bambooman – In this widely encompassing music scene there are producers we consider archetypal beat makers. And those who deserve recognition as artists of sound.

Bamboo Man is most definitely an artist, amongst the next dimension echelon, of experimental beat makers. The latest collaboration between him and the multi-verse traveller, MC King-Kashmere. Their name SUPERGOD, is ironically something to be worshipped.

Though it is an odyssey through the quite serene audible grooves of Bambooman’s sound space and all of it’s wormholes. The record is an eclectic presentation of brazen social commentary. The hard edged tongue of King Kashmere is no mystery to his previous listeners. To any new listener, bamboo man’s production gives the perfect platform to ease yourself into his expansive.

Once again, he’s not without hilarious blatant rhymes nor is he orthodox about word choice. He’s Star Wars as a rapper depending on what you consider to be good and evil in rap. He’s the bad included, his references to hoes and drugs cannot go unnoticed. And the plain fun, all rolled into one MC.

The record

That’s the main thing about this record, it truly is an enjoyable listen. To hear the melding of two seemingly abstract artists align their craft so perfectly. And deliver a somewhat bold stating record is like an audible miracle.


Bambooman recently gained support from the likes of Boiler Room, Giles Peterson and Benji B for his ‘Feel EP’. So it wasn’t long before the omnipresent Kashmere would team up with him to create the first vinyl release for Health Records.

The uniquely tailored sounds on the record come from all warps of instruments, elements and 80s to 90s samples. They’re using tones that you could imagine if one was being uploaded to an Atari after watching an episode of Sesame Street on ketamine.

Yet the production is not as jarring an old computer start-up. It’s a wind chiming, water bending masterpiece of production and hard-edged reptilian rap.

Out now on 12″ King Kashmere And Bambooman’s ‘SUPERGOD’.

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