Review: Kid Gospel – Nu Skool EP

In Hip Hop by Alasdair Kennedy

Review: Kid Gospel – Nu Skool EP

This London-born, Essex-residing rapper has been making and recording music for six years, which is quite an achievement considering right now he’s only nineteen!

Nu Skool is the artist’s latest release which features a diverse and moody beat selection, co-produced with artists Dope Richy and Juvenal Maze. There are bassy trap-inspired numbers such as the title track ‘Nu Skool’ and nocturnal piano instrumentals such as the Odd Future-esque ‘From the Heart’.

The production is definitely unique and has a great atmosphere to it. However, it’s really the vocals that makes this EP stand out. KG has been gifted with a distinctive vocal tone that’s immediately engaging. Of course, that isn’t to say that he’s just another Young-Thug-like rapper with a funny voice. There’s definite talent here, showcased through his on-point flows and his lyrics that actually carry substance, often getting pretty introspective and personal.

It definitely feels like there’s an overall concept here and Kid Gospel could be worth keeping an eye on in the future. A full-length album this cohesive could be pretty exciting.