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Review: Kid D makes it look 2 Easy with the U Were Always Pt​.​2 (Instrumental)

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Kid D’s silky instrumental ‘You were always part 2’ will sound familiar as ‘You were always’ was used on Wiley’s recent Godfather album. Kid D hit the decks at his record label ‘2 Easy’ and crafted a contemporary sounding wifey riddim, giving us girls something to sway to.

Kid D skilfully sweeps us up on a wave of ’90s nostalgia; as he samples one of the greatest R&B girl groups – SWV, taking the vocals from their 1992 classic ‘You’re always on my mind‘. He allows them the time to glide and float alongside his production, as he chops their saccharine sweet vocals and sprinkles them like sugar over kissable kicks, sexy snares, heartfelt hi hats, plush piano and bombastic bass. They combine for a heady love potion; consisting of clean cut 1990’s vibes, with the thrilling edge of the 21st century stirred in to the mix; for flavour and contrast.

Kid D’s instrumental gives off the image of dazzling silk sheets blowing in a spring breeze on a washing line on one level; and also prompts the thought “I know you’re tempted to find out how much of a freak I can be between these sheets” on another. This makes the instrumental a double coned ice cream. Strawberry topped with cherry syrup on one cone, and on the other  coffee ice cream with grated pistachio nuts to finish. ‘You were always Part 2’ is available for you to chop, split, loop, vocal or some other activity I haven’t thought of yet, via the link below!