Review: Justin Davis – Wake the F*** Up (Mixtape)

In Hip Hop by Alasdair Kennedy

Review: Justin Davis – Wake the F*** Up (Mixtape)

The fact that Jackson, Michigan artist Justin Davis AKA Nave Noblique is such a little known name is goddamn crime!

‘Wake the F***’ up is a real journey from start to finish sporting some truly vivid lyrical storytelling and a diverse selection of beats ranging from trap-flavoured numbers such as on ‘Gone’ to more mellow, spacey material as found on ‘Underrated’ and ‘P0tent L0ud’.

Dismissing the materialistic bragging of his peers, Nave instead focuses on personal struggles and real world issues, the most notable being drug addiction. The content here is deep but never comes across as overly preachy. Nave makes the experience fun, throwing in lots of creative sampling to add to the storytelling and a constantly changing flow.

At nineteen tracks, it’s a pretty long listen. However, there’s hardly a redundant track throughout. Its rare to find a project that gets the head bobbing and the brain ticking at the same time. Stream the mixtape below and experience for yourself.