Review: Jinz Moss – Lost & Departed EP

In Grime by Alasdair Kennedy

Review: Jinz Moss – Lost & Departed EP

The Bristol rapper, signed to Australia based Fight Music! Records, has been gaining a lot of heat recently and rightly so. His wordplay is phenomenal, most evident on the second track from this EP, ‘Notes’, which is a masterclass on internal rhyming. It also tails off with some dope sound bytes from the legend KRS ONE… Check the video out here –

Lyric-wise, Jinz takes things to pretty bleak territory, recounting personal, torment-filled tales of drug abuse and his relationship with his parents. Don’t expect to hear any radio friendly catchy hooks here, and the beats are made up of raw instruments, taking it back to the roots, rather than the electronic sounds, adopted my many a producer these days. Jinz deliberately separates himself from hip hop’s more commercial pop side.

Without a doubt when switching this on you had better get your thinking hat on, partly because it’s pretty heavy listening with some more complex lyricism for the most part. Fans of realism and depth ought to check this guy out immediately and support him whilst he’s on the rise.

The Lost & Deported EP is available on iTunes here .