Review: Jini Cowan – You

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Review: Jini Cowan – You

After being signed to an impressive six labels just this year, Manchester’s Jini Cowan is continuing to make some serious waves amongst the techno scene. Whilst being one of the youngest musicians in terms of both producing and collaborating, young Jini Cowan has been the apple of many musical masters’ eyes. At just twenty years of age, the DJ has mixed her way into fame after one of the biggest dance publications Mixmag, christened her as someone to ‘keep an eye on’.

Since then, Jini has come back stronger than ever, bringing her brand new material that takes her away from her comfort zone of headlining house nights in her home city, to gaining recognition from worldwide renown DJs, to touring the USA.

After just releasing a staggering thirty tracks at the premature age of twenty-three and with her new material being released internationally, it’s only fair that we give Jini our nod of approval where it’s deserved. Known for her love of deep tech-house, lashings of precision and some distinctive dub, DJ Cowan demonstrates the perfect balance with her new track ‘You’. Due to be released next month, we’ll let the proficient techno track do the talking and leave you to do the downloading via her Beatport page.