Review: Jester Jacobs – Chicken Souped Up

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Review: Jester Jacobs – Chicken Souped Up

Hot on the heels of ‘The Moose Tape’, the latest release to come from the Moose Funk Squad camp is ‘Chicken Souped Up’ by rap funnyman Jester Jacobs aka Joe Represci. The project follows on from his highly entertaining mixtape earlier this year and is produced exclusively by a certain Bill Zoot.

Bill’s production is dope throughout: consistently banging boom bap with loops ranging from chaotic and choppy to more mellow and floaty. Joe relentlessly batters it with his off-key, rapid fire flow. Whilst his intense, high-pitched delivery could be considered an acquired taste to some, it can’t be denied that the lad is ludicrously on point. Thematically, Jester has strayed from the amusing/bizarre concept tracks he’s most known for, opting for a project that’s more “straight up” in sound.

The one thing that is present throughout is an underlying theme of bitterness and frustration at the music scene, with the fear that he may be becoming a little long in the tooth for it all. On ‘Old and Shit’ he laments “but still it seems I can’t get one certified hit/plus the industry couldn’t give a sun dried shit”, while ‘Everyone’s Vanessa Feltzing’ expands on this sentiment further. Jester’s trademark self-effacing humour is fully out in force, with his knack for laugh-out-loud punchlines and catchy hooks (“raise your hands to indicate you’re unconcerned”).

Joe holds it down dolo save for the two Moose feature tracks, the rowdy ‘Out Of Office’ and more optimistic ‘Thirst’. On the latter the crew reminisce on their beginnings, musing on what motivated them to spit in the first place and taking stock of what they’ve achieved, bringing a pleasant contrast to proceedings. Other standouts include ‘John Sacrimoni’, where Jester delivers a verbal barrage over a smooth jazz loop, and reflective ‘The Aviator’ (“blow my salary just to own a moment of clarity”).


If you’re after that “hardbodied” street rap over moody, minor key beats this LP probably isn’t for you. However if you’re looking for a rap album that’s drenched in the cynical comedy that the Brits are known for, ‘Chicken Souped Up’ may be right up your street.