Review: iLLU! – RITVS

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Review: iLLU! – RITVS

iLLU! are a production and DJ duo consisting of SCHROFF and PRIMVTE, known for their work on various Trap and Hip Hop tracks and their weekly radio broadcasts on ITCH FM – fans will be glad to hear about their new 11 track trap album which was released this week.

RITVS is an album that brings together a mix of genres: from trap to bass music, from house and garage to ambient music.

The intro talks about Illuminati and the whole fear around it. The words also have a nice beat accompanying them. The sound in the intro seems to be a little different from the rest of the album.

Two of my favourite tracks on the album are Long Pham and Sub Rosa, although I could I could really see some sick lyrics and a great flow working on the second one.

RITVS is mostly an instrumental album with music that makes your mind travel from nights in the club to chilled days on a quiet beach to a meditation room and abstract worlds.

Album available from iTunes