Review: High Focus 4th Birthday – 16th May @ Electric, Brixton

In Hip Hop by Tom Maloney

Review: High Focus 4th Birthday – 16th May @ Electric, Brixton

As a new contributor to the blog, I was lucky to get the opportunity to review High Focus’ 4th Birthday celebration at the emphatic Electric Brixton. The large venue meant a high capacity of fans got to see the leading names in Hip Hop at the minute. Acts like Fliptrix and masked super group The Four Owls killed the mic, with a cold professionalism. Special guests like Children of The Damned, Klashnekoff and Buggsy rocked the building too!

More impressive still, Dirty Dike stole the show, being the most successful to get the crowd going. The gig, with so many headlining characters, was a cornerstone moment in my career as a hip hop fan. I found myself gassed up to the eyeballs, jumping around, pushing, kicking and screaming.

However, this behaviour earned me some funny looks from an audience, some of whom lacked enthusiasm. To me, a gig is about losing yourself in the music, sharing it with those around you and showing the artists some love however hip hop’s wonderfully cynical attitude and aggressive style was not reflected in its audience, who behaved sheepishly at times. Klashnekoff seemed uninspired by the crowd, but seemed to come into his own when he dropped ‘Jankrowville’ and ‘Murder’.


Dirty Dike’s passion was admirable, his character shines through in his performances and it’s clear that he’s developed his own style which seems natural and effortless. A big shout out to Jehst, too, was an honour to see him spitting ‘Weed’ and ‘Starting Over’, but it would have been nice to see some more of his older material also.

I feel that this male dominated scene should do more to bring this music over to females. UK hip hop seems to lack a certain steeze or charm that some US hip hop has succeeded in finding – perhaps the UK underground scene needs more material aimed towards at women? After all hip Hop is poetry to music, and should act as more of an aphrodisiac than this petri dish of testosterone which exists. Chicks, please pass on the word to your emcee mates!

Words: Tom Maloney