Review: Hasan Salaam – Music is my weapon EP

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If music is Hasan Salaam’s weapon it’s certainly not one of mass destruction. Although the production and tracks are tight it unfortunately lacks anything that really sets it apart from similar offerings out of the US politcal/conscious hip hop scene of 2011. In short I feel as though I’ve heard this all before, and at a higher level.

Play: Hasan Salaam – AK-47 Featuring Badsportt & CF

On the positive side, the track ‘AK 47’ is a banger and although I’m not fully about this album there’s no doubting that Salaam has put the work in. If you straight up 90’s sounding boom-bap hip hop is something you vibe off, you will like this but don’t expect anything groundbreaking. This is what uptight rap fans might call ‘real hip hop’ but I found it about as original as its title.

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However, if there was any reason to buy this album, it’s that that he’ll donate 100% of the profit of this EP to a small village in West Africa’s Guinea-Bissau. 
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Review by Suave Debonaire exclusively for Blatantly Blunt