Review: Gerra & Stone – Ison/Vengeance 

In Drum & Bass by Nick Russell

Review: Gerra & Stone – Ison/Vengeance

Program, that feisty little firecracker in Ram Records’ back pocket, is kicking  down the door of 2015 with a double A-side release from Gerra & Stone.

Comprised of the unforgivingly metallic ‘Ison’ and techy roller ‘Vengeance’, the  release, which hit the download market late last year and is available for pre-order in other formats now, marks a new chapter in the South Coast production duo’s career.

Following on from EPs put out by Proximity Recordings and Ant TC1’s Dispatch Recordings imprint, these forward-thinking tracks form the cavalry charge of  what should be a big year for Gerra & Stone, and indeed for Program.

‘Ison’ is almost cinematic in its scope, and broods menacingly before opening out  into a sound which has drawn comparisons with d&b overlords Calyx & Teebee, comparisons which are not to be made lightly.

‘Vengeance’, on the other hand,  provides the yang to the blunt-force yin of the previous track. The foreboding  atmosphere survives, but is transplanted into a fleet-footed slice of fluid  neurofunk.

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