In Hip Hop by Tom Hill


A new force rapidly growing momentum in London’s hip hop scene three man hip hop collective. FRSHRZ offer their most extensive release so far in the form of new mixtape #FRSHRZSUMMERINVASION.

Although pretty new to the scene one of the unique points of FRSHRZ is their potential appeal to long standing hip hop connoisseurs. The group seem acutely aware of their musical background and heritage. With nods to both the US as on the Nas inspired Rate Me Now and the UK’s own pioneers London Posse. The second track LDN Posse in particular gives the mixtape a clear early geographical grounding. Ensuring the home city’s influence is not lost even with the flipped Nas and J. Cole tracks featured later. “Repping real hip hop with real London accents” seems to be central to the groups image.

Defining themselves as a genre bending project though FRSHRZ demonstrate a continually switching diversity of styles. This varies from the upbeat synth lead opening track I can’t Lose and the drum and bass flip Future to the more mellow and introspective such as Lovely and News4U. This in turn requires significant vocal dexterity. However the group seem up to the task switching up their flows on each track. The dynamic shaping of new bars to J. Cole’s Apparently being a particular case in point.
In selecting their influences FRSHRZ have steered clear of the bland and commercial instead favoring continuing hip hop’s legacy in political and social commentary. “Fuck the monarchy; archaic, outdated and full of hypocrisy” is offered on POOONKNOCKAAAH for example demonstrating this is not a group prepared to hold back in its beliefs.
Certainly one to watch FRESHRZ mixtape #FRSHRZSUMMERINVASION is available from http://frshrz.bandcamp.com/album/frshrzsummerinvasion with a debut album expected next year.