Review: Fabric’s 15th Birthday – London – 18 Oct

In Other by Nick Russell

Review: Fabric’s 15th Birthday – London – 18 Oct

On the weekend of 18th October, one of London most revered clubbing venues turned 15 years old! Known world wide as must-visit-at-least-once type of experience by tourists and locals alike, the Farringdon based venue has been home to a seemingly endless number of the best DJs around the world across many genres!

A decade and a half after the opening there is one thing that can be confirmed, the one time (literal) meat market is now a full grown club and doesn’t look as thought it’s set to slow down any time soon!


Photo: Evie Williams

The party was epic. Starting Saturday night at 11pm, it has ended Monday at 5am! What happened in between was the party of the year. With a huge DJ line-up from Âme, Seth Troxler and Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock (both have a residency at the infamous Berlin venue Berghain).


Photo: Evie Williams

When I arrived with my friend Jean-Philippe, we decided to go straight into ‘Room 1’ to enjoy the deepness of Âme’s set. The fact that the room contains 400 bass transducers under the floor contributes to make this music even deeper and mind-blowing as the bass reverberated around my body! You can’t really tell where your body ends as you become one with the music. Several hours pass and the DJs get involved in some B2B (back to back) business. Each DJ had his own style each as asmazing as the last – a memorable musical experience.


Photo by Nick Ensing

A little known fact – the sound system has been changed only once, six months after the venue opening, and it’s constantly improved with minor changes along the way, and what exists today the venue has taken a world class level of engineering so it’s impressive to witness as first hand just how refined it operates!!!


Photo by Sarah Ginn

Finally we moved ‘Room 2’ to listen to the set of Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock. Here the sound was more dynamic – punchy some would say – and it was perfect. Indeed, it was 8am and JP and I needed some boost because we were tired as hell.

Surrounded by ravers in the same zone as us, we were in our domain, but eventually our bodies caught up with us, and had to leave way beyond dawn as it was no longer possible to even stand up – probably the best evidence to prove it was an unforgettable party. Too bad we could not make it back during the day or even the following evening but salute to whoever last longer than us!!!