Review: Eskimo Dance @ Proud2 16th Nov 2012

In Grime by Nick Russell

Grime fanatic Laurence Heywood aka DJ LZ ( Deja Vu FM’s newest resident DJ) went to get the low down on the biggest rave in grime music.  

Last month I finally reached Eskimo Dance, which I have been trying desperately to get to since their ‘return’ .

Despite having preconceptions about the ‘typical’ crowd at Eskimo Dance I was surprised to see the rave in full swing as I walked in. Hundreds of real grime heads skanking to tunes like Jon E Cash’s ‘Hoods Up’ which I haven’t heard played in a club in around 5 years! Regardless of the London drinks prices (which being from Manchester I still can’t get my head round) I got the drinks in and found myself, gun fingers in the air dancing like I haven’t done since I was 17.

As the venue had moved from Proud2 at the last minute all the acts were pushed onto the main stage to do their performances and I did not get to see some of them perform for which was a bit of a let down, the likes of Spooky & Preditah were pushed to doing 20 minute sets at around 10 and 11 o’ clock which meant most punters were not even aware they were there never-mind playing. But at the same time sparked some exciting sets including an impromptu B2B from Marcus Nasty & Rattus Rattus which went off quite hard despite the crowd seeming slightly puzzled why they had come to the biggest ‘Grime Rave’ in the country and there was Jackin’ House playing.

The biggest highlight for me was the ‘Allstar’ set featuring everyone from BBK to Slew Dem and a lot of the new the new breed of grime as well. This included surprise appearances from the likes of Big Narstie, Griminal, Chronik, Scratchy, even Tempa T. My favourite MCs throughout had to be Wiley (who automatically got the most reloads), and to my surprise Jammer, who dropped one of his one of his trademark bars “Oi Blud, Who’s that rass, fuck up the rave like CS Gas”.

Overall despite the set cancellations the night was definitely one of the sickest I’ve been to in a while. Everyone I saw smashed it differently, and I will 100% be attending the next Eski Dance!