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Review: Dubbul O – Smoka-Motive

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

Northern soul isn’t mythological British history. Northern Soul is an energy, a culture, in the people who live yonder those Peak District Hills.

Manchester’s lyricists in particular, have been providing the real, the raw, the honest, soul-infused Hip Hop very much reminiscent of the Golden Era of Boom Bap.

Dubbul O’s latest EP, Smoka-Motive is more than an uplifting record. In just 18 minutes he demonstrates lively, powerful, spiritually nourishing hooks and flows over head-jiving breaks.

If you’re a fan of Jazz Liberatorz or the Mouse Outfit, listen in. Mankub’s put in work behind the desk on this one, chef-ing a variety of Jazz samples to craft a mix that wafts in and out of the audible foreground, but continues ticking round your head, like the sounds of distant trains. The Smoka-motive effect I guess.

They’ve already shot a video for the first song In The Mix:

The only feature on the tasty Halloween treat provided by Room 2 Records is from MC and critically acclaimed vocalist Tyler Daley. Tyler is one half of the Manchester duo, Children Of Zeus, who are slowly but surely gaining an adoring fan-base. Dubbul O and Tyler combine for Do What You Can, a song to let your soul fly rain or shine.

The rest of it is Dubbul O doing what he seems to do best, and that’s just barring. If you doubt it you Mussbemental.

Warning: This track contains no politics, no bollocks shit and will induce serious head-bopping that’ll scare any socially-inept Londoner.

Turn on, tune in and smoke out, as Smoka-Motive is officially released on Room2 Records. Stream using the links below.