Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon

Review: Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon- Elaborate Anoraks

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Review: Dr Syntax and Pete Cannon- Elaborate Anoraks

UK rapper Dr Syntax and producer Pete Cannon are back with another joint project. The two artists have gained increasing recognition home and abroad, working with the likes of Foreign Beggars and Action Bronson, so Elaborate Anoraks gives a new demonstration of just what they can do.

Part of the elaborateness referenced in the album’s title is its eclectic range of tracks, both in terms of production and lyrical matter. Opening with the upbeat and almost cartoonish introduction of Turn the Sound Up! the positive vibe is kept through the first few tracks with some old skool style scratching on Hear My Beats Rattle. Further mixing this eclecticness though is Syntax and Pete Cannon’s ability to pair practically any beat with any subject matter- the narration of a dysfunctional relationship set to the jokey vintage instrumental of I F’d Up being a case in point.

Syntax uses the platform for some serious points though and takes shots on a range of issues from politics- “they just flattened a hospital to make a croquet lawn for twats wearing monocles”- to the state of current hip hop- “his record label is Disney, these days you could probably get his face on a Frisbee”. Much of this is delivered in a tongue in cheek style though and there is plenty of injection of character throughout.

Both artists clearly work well together and as their second major joint project in Elaborate Anoraks they seem to have found the winning formula.

Elaborate Anoraks is available for download from Bandcamp and iTunes or purchase from http://www.kompylarecords.co.uk.

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