Review: DJ Premier live @ The Doctor’s Order’s 10th Birthday at The Forum, London September 12

In Hip Hop by Kweku Ackom-Mensah

Review: DJ Premier live @ The Doctor’s Order’s 10th Birthday at The Forum, London September 12

On Saturday, London was treated to Hip Hop regency in the form of DJ Premier live at the Forum, Kentish Town as part of Doctors Orders 10th Anniversary celebrations. Supported by the ridiculously talented Fatima and four-man UK Hip Hop ensemble, Four Owls, Preemo drew a crowd of real Hip Hoppers who represented well for the capital.

Unsurprisingly, for a such a prolific producer, the range of tunes he chose was diverse and for that reason, you had different sections of the crowd joining in depending on their era of Hip Hop knowledge. Whilst the whole set was back to back classics, stand out tunes included: Kick in the door (Biggie), Nas is like/Represent/Step up time (Nas), Full Clip/Code of the Streets/Mass Appeal (Gangstarr), all of which had the crowd bouncing. You really couldn’t ask for a much better repertoire of old school Hip Hop rollers and tracks were segwayed with scratching of instrumentals straight out of Preemo’s lab.

His band, ‘Badder’ added another element to the performance, amplifying Premier’s flare for selecting timeless instrumental hooks. Solos from his Brooklyn drummer and trombonist were a highlight.


Premier gave a heart felt tribute to Big L and GURU as well as BB King halting the performance for a loud, resounding ‘Big L rest in peace, Gangstarr, one of the best yet’. As well as the loss of two friends, you can only imagine that a producer of this calibre must miss working with MC talent which complimented his art form perfectly, creating some of the best tracks of, arguably, the genre’s golden era.

Respect to Preemo and those artists whose tracks have stood the test of time. Big up to Doctors Orders for the latest in 10 years of authentic Hip Hop music and events. Here’s to another 10.

Photos by Danny Seaton Photography