Review: Danny Platinum – The Induction

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

Review: Danny Platinum – The Induction

Bringing the sound of the 90’s US to modern day Huddersfield Danny Platinum EP The Induction injects the golden age into UK hip hop.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the project is the total artistic control given to its maker with Danny Platinum producing every stage from sampling and scratching to writing and recording. “There is nothing on this track I did not do” we are reminded on Mr. Major.

The result is an album that doesn’t over fixate on lyricism at the expense of production or vice versa and throughout both are explored to the fullest. Opening with The Announcement with its intricate scratch routine the classic vibe is set from the start as well as allowing the listener to focus on this aspect of hip hop often neglected in modern tracks. The focus on the beats themselves is also maintained in interludes such as Purity and Pieces and Harmonies.

None of that is to say lyricism is neglected though and indeed Rude Bwooy for example shows an almost Slick Rick style of narration complete with shifting voice perspectives. Given the influence of golden age American hip hop on the album’s production it is also notable this is does not hijack it lyrically and Danny Platinum sticks to his own accent as well as keeping the local influences- “I’m from Yorkshire, so stick the kettle on” for example. An interesting addition to the EP is the reggae influenced Let Dem Kno nestled amongst the hip hop tracks. Adding to the album’s diversity and growing skill set of its creator it would have been interesting to see this style played with more and incorporated in other tracks as well as just as a stand alone piece.
That The Induction can showcase so many elements so well certainly makes it an interesting listen and one that can be appreciated on multiple levels from production to MCing. It is also of course refreshing to see the core elements of hip hop kept alive in this contemporary take.
The Induction is available for download from http://dannyplatinum.com.