Review: Coventry Artists’ Whizzy and Emily Jaye present ‘Frontin’

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The songs of summer with the most staying power seem to be those that mix the rough with the smooth, complete with a hook more powerful than a fisherman’s rod poised to catch a boat full of trout.

Cast your mind back to the first time you heard ODB and Mariah Carey’s, ‘Fantasy’, or ‘Ghetto superstar’ by ODB and Mya. They both combine the harder edge of rap with a sweetly sung girly hook; making for an irresistible concoction. Giving the mandem something to nod their heads to without compromising their screw faces, and the girls something to sing along to on their girly shopping trips with a bag full of swag and swinging another bag of sass.

This Coventry couple have applied this formula to their single ‘Frontin’ and it’s a winner. Whizzy’s lyrics are honest and mature for his young years; as he shares that his focus is on “Makin’ bangers with my family”. Meanwhile he is fully aware of the trolls surrounding him who don’t want him to succeed, to which he contests “Gotta stay hard hittin’, viking.” You can’t help but wonder just what this young artist has experienced when he wearily claims, “19 soon life’s drawing to an end, brother I ain’t lyin.'” hopefully it won’t be long before an EP release which will expand upon these themes, because I need to know how this 19 year old got so wise, and what life experiences led him to these old soul conclusions!

It is startling how someone so young has already ascertained that the most important things in life are the things which money can’t buy; such as – family, making music and his girl, 16 year old Emily Jaye who features on this track. Emily Jaye’s vocals are clear, crisp and sweet; and will find an audience with those who love Little Mix’s bold and empowering chorus’; or those of us who lean more towards chilled yet self-assured R&B vocals. Although Emily Jaye’s tone is sweet; she delivers her lyrics with just enough edge and certainty to keep the hook on the side of sassy independence, rather than love struck co-dependency. This is why I can picture girls singing this with a Beyoncé type head switch and a semi screw face, as they singalong with attitude to the confident lyrics. Sassy sounds all round!

Hit the link below and let the sounds of summer float from your speakers!

Cammy Thomas