Review: Channel 4’s ‘Life of Rhyme’

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For the next 29 days you’re able to watch ‘Life of Rhyme’, a documentary as part of the UK TV Channel’s Street Summer series, featuring some of the best UK MCs ever, ranging from Taskforce to Ghetts.
Akala as the host covers the diverse qualities that modern MCs obtain – and explores the contribution to spoken word and poetry speaking to underground legends from hip hop, grime and reggae.

With all the negative press ‘rap music’ has had thrown at it recently (the latest being historian David Starkey effectively digging his own career’s grave in 10 mins) it was the perfect opportunity to show the non hip hop/grime public the deeper intricacies of what the music has to offer! Hopefully this will open a few ears and eyes to the realness out there.

Akala really grills Giggs about the message behind his music, and seems to hit a few raw nerves with the Peckham road rap star and asks some questions not many would include in their interview…

He covers all aspects of what an MC does, from flow patterns, content, styles of rappers and what rap music does when played loudly to large groups of people!