Review: Cam’ron no show at Kentish Town, London – June 3

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Review: Cam’ron no show at Kentish Town, London – June 3

The Forum in Kentish Town, North London played host to a highly anticipated and long overdue show – Cam’ron was due to smash up the show and perform to the thousands of awaiting fans – Skepta and Boy Better know warmed up the crowd with Manny Norte DJ for the interim. As it got to 10.35pm (with the show set to end at 11pm, Manny Norte stated “Cam’ron’s not performing, I know as much as you guys do – but people will get full refunds” and promptly make a swift exit!

This is what followed soon after!

Rumours immediately surfaced across the hullabaloo of social media that the Harlem hip hop veteran was robbed back stage, supposedly by So Solid Crew head Megaman!

Who actually knowswhat happened? There’s a good chance that the reason behind this was that Cam’ron owed money to the promoters from a previous no show which he pocketed the cash for, and therefore didn’t perform for his own safety! Only time will tell until some truth emerges from some verified sources.

This shouldn’t come as a massive surprised, following the 2008 incident of Dipset crew members Juelz Santana and J.R. Writer apparently getting robbed and kidnapped by London goons!

On a positive note Skepta, JME, Frisco, DJ Maximum, Meridian Dan, Jammer, Bossman, Flowdan and more were on stage – showing the re-unification between BBK and Meridian was real (albeit without Big H and Paper Pabs)  – check this footage of Skepta performing his new single ‘That’s Not Me’

Here’s some footage courtesy of our friends at Listen Up London of Skepta and co on stage performing their set – 

Here are some more videos and photos of what went down on the night!


This was the crowd outside the venue minutes after the show was locked off!!!