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Review: C.A.M. – The First Move EP

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

In an era where the nonchalant and impulsive dominates modern hip hop, it’s truly beautiful to hear a debut project so lyrically disciplined. C.A.M.’s First Move not only pays homage to rap of the ‘Golden Era’, but his late mother who the EP is dedicated to. He also gives utmost respect to himself with his passionate, introspective poetry.

C.A.M’s bars show a true knowledge of self and the attention to the divinity of the soul turns his rap into a soul-fulfilling mantra.  And the cuts! So classic! This EP, like the cover, is pure gold! All tracks were produced are by Wickstarr, apart from 7 and 9 produced by Chro, who’ve brought that boom bap mostly associated with a ‘Golden Era’ into 2017.

London based, his flows can feel cold like the concrete he walks but you can feel the energy and essence like when you first heard Jehst or Chester P. I hate to make comparisons in music but it’s the heart C.A.M. shows on the microphone that has me drawing such a comparison,  and has me warming to his music every time I have another listen.

If you enjoy something beyond material sensationalism, and prefer to elevate your soul, then delve into this. Yet it’s not drenched in wishy-washy statements about life and questioning ones self, C.A.M. asks very real questions each and everyone of us question at night. His 2 skits are recordings from a lecture from Manly P. Hall – the author, magician and mystic will be giving you your own epiphanies.

It’s also not just a bar for bar slurry of deeper meaning, each track has a hook everyone can sing along to.

My favourite track: as a stand up Hip Hop track Twin Beacons feat. Parallax fires on all cylinders, but better still Gazing out the Window feat. CW Jones really does connect with those questions that keep a mindful person awake at night.

As C.A.M.’s bandcamp says “If you want to hear about fat stacks, champagne and gucci then your on the wrong page!”

4.89/5 – A very very dope, very well produced debut EP