Review: Brotherman – Huckleberry EP

In Hip Hop by Josh Hood

Huckleberry is the latest EP release from London-based emcee Brotherman – a project that plays with ideas of artistic sensibility and personal sensitivity alongside feelings of social responsibility.

The 5-track release exhibits the kind of socially woke commentary that we have come to expect from Brotherman’s lyrically powerful verses, alongside the melodic arrangements of producer GG Peney, to create an attention-grabbing sound. The particularly mellow production, created by soul samples and slow beat selection, contrasts with punchy bars, highlighting the duality that pervades the EP.

Brotherman is, at once, explicitly political on tracks like Cloud Clears and Kindness for Weakness – engaged, and in conversation with, the troubling social rhetoric he hears. At the same time, he is sentimental and vulnerable on First to Feel ft. Jyager and Figure it Out, focusing his attention inward. Brotherman attempts to embrace these personalities on the project; to accept the familial and familiar ‘brother’ alongside the responsible and cautious ‘man’. Ultimately, Huckleberry is an amalgam of these things – the conscious joker, the informed maverick, the brother-man.  

“A dose of that dope socially woke hip-hop that you need for your mental health. Go get your fix” Skinnyman

Stream the Huckleberry EP here