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Review: Blizzard, Chiu Dat, Jimmy Logic & Troy Glasgow @ Big Rain, Fulham

In Hip Hop by Katie Allen

Review: Blizzard, Chiu Dat, Jimmy Logic & Troy Glasgow @ Big Rain, Fulham

BIG RAIN X Blizzard featuring Chiu Dat & Troy Glasgow was a beyond brillant night. The Southern Belle, Fulham venue (complete with pool tables). Used stage umbrellas which created a cool visual effect, and projected graphics with actually great acoustics- which often makes a change! It was an immense and dare I say very special set, and how the performers surprisingly collaborated together on stage doing an epic cypher finale was really worthwhile.

Blizzard infamously known for his Don’t Flop rap battles (especially going against English Teacher Mark Grist which went beyond viral) surpassed his usual set-the-bar-high-slash-multi-talented artist self.  He performed recent hits releases Children of the Night, Come To Mine feat. Shakka and Testing The Water. Also his very hilarious rendition of Tracey Chapman’s “Fast Car” called ‘The MegaBus song poking fun at this coach company and simultaneously repping Virgin Trains! In his final part he covers Oasis, Calvin Harris and Nico & Vinz by using a loop pedal, keyboard and snths…his versatility knows no bounds!!


London based Chinese rapper Chiu Dat & electric guitarist/producer/beatboxer Jimmy Logic fully delivered on their spot! Freestyles aplenty from both impressing the crowd with their prowess, also tracks Vibe Away, Haters Say Stop, Thirty-Chiu Bars…and one in particular that’s self-deprecating yet combined with intelligent rhymes basically explaining Asians shouldn’t be treated the same or stereotyped!



Plus Troy Glasgow definitely got everyone hyped, starting off Spoken Word-esque then thrashed out Grime, packing the place with heightened energy!