Review: Big Cakes – Its All Luv [Released June 25]

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Review: Big Cakes – Its All Luv [Released June 25]

Guest writer Shay D, who is a rapper and youth worker from North London drops this exclusive review on the highly anticipated new album from hip hop lyricist Big Cakes, exclusively for Blatantly Blunt.

As a fan of Cakes’ lyrics and energy on stage, it big opportunity to check out his album and see how it would follow up from his last record CCC. Cakes certainly knows how to entertain with his humorous undertones, which I don’t know if he does with intent or its just simply his nature, but I had to pull up a few times during a long car journey.

‘Use my brain’ featuring Amy True was a familiarly lyrical start, something we have grown to learn and love.. “hang on wait!”. Amys passionate voice complimenting the track nicely, though I would have liked it to be longer! The song covers issues of press coverage of global incidents from Kate Middleton to Robert Mugabe!

‘It’s all about’ brings a really catchy vibe, providing a good balance for the EP, and features South London’s Logic.  I remember shooting the video and everyone was hype for the chorus, so I had a great memory from it.

I was head nodding from start to finish with ‘The realness’ and enjoyed the feature from Raggo Zulu Rebel, with Cakes stating his M.O. to leave no confusion “All I’m trrying to do is make money from the realness”.

Audemar surprised me as I didn’t expect that side of him, but I guess most rappers have their one ‘wifey tune’. The lyrics were sweet though the beat didn’t catch me like in the way ‘Be Grateful’ did.

The album is a great platform for Cakes to prove he’s adept at balancing social awareness and road content. He speaks of uniting, he doesn’t use profanities, but stays real and reps where he has come from. Not pretending to be anything he isn’t commands respect in itself and with strong production and feature MCs, definitely worth the purchase.

Big Cakes’ new album ‘It’s All Luv’ drops June 25 on iTunes and all good record shops.