Review: Beit Nun – ‘Death By This Adventure’ EP

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Review: Beit Nun – ‘Death By This Adventure’ EP

After over a decade of releasing music on his Innit Records imprint, Macclesfield rhymer Beit Nun has amassed an impressive volume of work to rival many of his peers and he remains as prolific as ever. His most recent releases, the ‘Where The Art Is Vol. 2’ compilation and ‘Lucid’ EP (produced by Melbourne’s Able8) demonstrate his growth as a lyricist. ‘Death By This Adventure’ is Nun’s latest project, an 8-track EP to precede his first “proper” album, ‘Exceeding Expectations’.

The EP opens in bombastic fashion with ‘Back’, where Nun and labelmate Drunken Master trade braggadocio bars over a brass-led boom bap banger (peep the alliteration son). Although this isn’t exactly unchartered UK hiphop territory, the off key, glitchy instrumental that follows (brilliantly/bizarrely titled ‘Bulgemaster’s Tea Party’) hints that Nun may have a few surprises up his sleeve.

‘Out Of My Mind’ and ‘Beware’ are both propelled by soothing vocal samples, lending the tracks an accessibility which breaks up the bars from Nun and his guests nicely. He takes a similar approach on ‘Trouble At My Door’, where singer and long-time collaborator Jane Ellis handles the chorus. While the ballad-like feel isn’t to my taste, it shows an ear for songwriting that goes past the “rap purist” outlook of many UK MCs.


It’s on the last 3 tracks though, where Nun does away with the collaborators and gets deeply personal, that things really get interesting. On ‘She’s What I’m Not’, Nun captures the frustrations of an unrequited love superbly over an eerie, minimalist instrumental. ‘Sparks Everywhere’ recounts the tale of a lads’ week abroad gone wrong after excessive drink and drug intake. The EP then concludes with the title track, where he examines humankind’s self-destructiveness over a haunting choral sample to great effect.

With this EP Nun has provided a solid introduction to his world for the uninitiated as well as an appetiser for those fans who anticipate his next full length. Despite it’s brevity it’s an ambitious project where his confidence as a spitter contrasts refreshingly with an openness about his personal flaws. In short… Support.

Stream in full below via Beit Nun’s bandcamp