Review: Asante Hunter – Finding Found EP [+ stream]

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Review: Asante Hunter – Finding Found EP [+ stream]

Multi-talented UK rapper/producer/singer/songwriter Asante Hunter has announced the release of his debut EP ‘Finding Found’.


It is a stunning and unique collection of tracks which differ greatly from one to the other, switching from hard synth and bass lines, such as ‘Show Me the War’ and ‘Lifeless’, to natural afro-inspired drums and piano as seen in perhaps the best track of the EP, ‘Home’.

Asante’s rapping style is as varied as his instrumentals, showing glimpses of classic hip-hop styles, grime MCing and spoken word; the easiest comparison to make would be to the UK’s legendary Kano, but a tribute of styles this isn’t.

A breath of fresh air in a scene that’s looking towards the next big sound and style, this EP has all the signs of greatness in the making, and we can hopefully look forward to Asante honing his craft over the next few years to become the renowned, unique musician this EP promises him to be.