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Review: All Trap Music [Various Artists]

Due for release Feb 10th is the first ever ‘All Trap Music’ compilation featuring Baauer, Flosstradamus, Buku, S-X and more… For those of you not too sure what ‘Trap’ is, it’s best described as an amalgamation of Baltimore club music, Southern rap, juke and vague sensibilities of dubstep. All this is apparently a new musical phenomenon but is essentially the kind of music that Rustie, S-X, Hudson Mohawke and Crayzee Banditt amongst others have been making for years.

Trap and its origins are intrinsically American, the phrase ‘Trap Music’ hailing from Atlanta and surrounding states and made known through acts such as Gucci Mane and T.I. As a result of this it is a sound that is relevant and interesting to most young Americans. An understanding of the context in this sense should avoid the descent into mindless riffage that dubstep experienced when crossing the Atlantic often leaving it with more in common with Nu Metal than with Dub, Jungle or any of it’s predecessors. Trap is also likely to avoid suffering from tedious levels of purism in this sense as it’s very much party music and it’s originators are certainly not sensible.

Bolstering the immense reach and influence of this trap wave, legendary bass duo Chase & Status make an appearance with their massive remix of Dream Mclean, while best-selling artists like 12th Planet, Bro Safari and ƱZ show the true creativity of the genre with tracks such as “Spooked” and “Ratchet Strap.”

Look out in particular for the cuts on this by Buku – as hard bodied as it comes, dance music to drive to and have received a geeat reception from the All Trap Music community, along with XXTRAKT, Hucci and Gent & Jawns.

There are some criticisms of trap however, that it can have a tendency of putting the heaviest parts of the production on loop for the entire track and that it severely lacks patience, but I suspect that’s sort of the point!

Review by Thomas Edge.

Set to be released February 10, 2013 in all digital stores & available for pre-order now!

All Trap Music Tracklist:




Dum Dum


7even OH!


Rollup (Baauer Remix)

Bro Safari Feat. DJ Craze



All Deez

Dream Mclean

Network (Chase & Status Remix)

Flosstradamus Feat. Danny Brown         

From the Back (Lunice Remix)




I Run This (Original Mix)

12th Planet & SPL

Ratchet Strap (ƱZ Remix)


Underground Tactics

Hucci & Stooki Sound

Ball So Hard

Foreign Beggars

Goon Bags (ƱZ Remix)





Gent & Jawns




RL Grime

Grapes Alla Vodka (Salva Remix)

Clicks & Whistles


Various Artists

All Trap Music (Continuous Mix)

Various Artists

All Trap Music (JiKay DJ Mix)

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