Review: Aceyalone – Leanin’ On Slick

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

With summer finally right around the corner, it’s to be expected that we’ll see an array of exciting reggae releases, house hits and club bangers over the next month or so. So it’s with great surprise that the definitive summer release of this year may just be a slice of funk heaven delivered ever so coolly by  Aceyalone, whose career began in 1988 and is founding member of such acclaimed rap crews as Freestyle Fellowship, Haiku D’Etat and Project Blowed.

New single “Leanin’ on Slick”, from the album of the same name, sounds like something Sly Stone would’ve tuned into to get amped up pre-show. With bouncy funk guitars, a kicking rhythm section and soulful horns, Aceyalone’s flow is so relaxed yet controlled that it sounds almost effortless. Be warned; summer 2013 in London might just end up sounding a lot like 1970’s Los Angeles.

Review: James Cunningham