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Review: Confz – East End Agreement

In Hip Hop by Kweku Ackom-Mensah

Review: Confz – East End Agreement

An old soul on a young head would be an accurate description of Confz, an East London emcee who recently gave out this 14 track L.P, which is features Lunar C and Jamilah Barry and more.

The instrumentals throughout the EP are hectic, and stand out tracks like U.S.S (Under September Skies) show that Confz has something more to offer than might first meet the ear. With scratching and an undulating effect familiar to old school Hip Hop rollers, this could easily be taken from a 93′ pool party (think ‘I get around’ from Tupac’s Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z album).

There is a diversity in production here, drawing on some strong US Hip Hop influences, delivered with a UK punch, which is cool to hear. Just because grime is blowing up in its own right doesn’t mean that there is no room for UK Hip Hop to resonate in 2015. Also let’s not get it twisted, this isn’t soft music, the first half of the EP is comprised of gully beats and themes which act as a kind of East London ride along with the 20 year old MC, and Confz’ story is delivered at a BPM you might not expect and probably haven’t been treated to in a while.

Heast Side is another track worthy of a separate mention, as you would expect from the title, the track is distictly stamped ‘East’ lyrically. However, the overall content focuses on familiar, street crime-centric territory, without exploring too much of what Ice T called ‘the B-Side of the game’, something which I feel could have taken this EP from very good to great. ‘My Way’ gives a glimpse of some more empowered lyrics and exposes more of Confz’ potential as an MC, but, the re-formed Giggs verse could have strayed a bit further from the original I reckon.

The interlude skits are a great addition and had me spitting my drink out, I won’t spoil them for you, but the Shaniqua skit especially is proper jokes!

This is an EP constructed by true Hip Hop appreciators and you can hear the twist on hydraulic LA Hip Hop on a few tracks and ‘Stoned with the Glass’ sounds like a Cypress Hill weekend smoke up in E15. There’s also some East Coast, Nas-esque influence in here and even some ‘Baduism’ coming through in the well matched vocal, skat and prominent thuddy bass of ‘War on Love’.

The East End Agreement is definitely worth a listen and will please the Hip Hop heads. Starting hard and ending pensive, the production is really impresive and I’ll be keeping an ear out for what comes next from Confz as a young and promising MC. //

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