Res One & Mac Lloyd release brand new intergalactic banger ‘Find Space’

In Blatantly Blunt Blog - Music, Hip Hop by Harry Martin

The Split Prophets Mic murderer Res One comes correct on this collab backed and produced by Mac Lloyd. The track takes on a funk-rap hybrid style that will make you want to buy a steezed out low rider and drive it off into the sunset.

The animated music video (created by Josh Richardson of Shed Productions) sees the duo embark on an intergalactic space journey after being stuck in traffic, heading into the city of Bristol. Having both recently become baby daddies, it seemed fitting to have them attacked by a 50ft toddler wielding a couple of pistols which they narrowly escape.

The track has a great approach and it felt like a return to the mid-2000s Louis Slipperz UK hip hop vibe! The variety of vocal styles was really refreshing as was the way in which the beat bounced along.

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