Croydon artist Renz drops new dancehall/hip hop/afrobeats fusion EP ‘Lifestyle 2’

In Hip Hop, Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

Following on from the first iteration of the album ‘Lifestyle’ in 2018, Croydon artist Renz has dropped this new 6 track  EP ‘Lifestyle 2’ which fuses hip hop, afrobeat and dancehall! The fact it was produced in his own studio meant he could solely focus on perfecting every particular sound, layer and lyric; hence creating a perfect sound of the summer with this EP.

Tracks such as ‘Honest’ and ‘Nobody’ are idyllic encapsulations of the successful fusion of genres Renz has created with Dancehall – inspired rhythms paired with the typical Afrobeat atmosphere and groove which makes the EP so easy to sing or dance along to! Given Renz’s Caribbean heritage and upbringing revolving around the rich, soulful sounds of South London music, it’s no surprise he has blossomed into such a talented musician and producer. He began experimenting with music and discovering his own sound with longtime collaborator & childhood friend Soul back in 2013 from which his passion for Dancehall and R&B started. His work as executive producer on the ‘New Gen’ 2017 album, released via XL Records, would see him reach new heights in his career. The album amassed over 20 million streams on Spotify alone, and his song ‘Flexing’ reached over 2 million streams.  After his 2018 debut EP, Renz furthered both his sound engineering/production and songwriting capabilities over the following years thus perfecting his craft to subsequently create ‘Lifestyle 2; – a culmination of every aspect of Ren’z musical mastery.

Listen Here and stream below on Spotify