Release: Tigga Da Author – Evilution

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Release: Tigga Da Author – Evilution

Newly minted artist to Sway’s ‘DCypha Productions’ imprint, Tigga Da Author has hit the ground running with his new release ‘Evilution’.

After appearing on support slots for Trey Songz and Example with Sway. He was invited to collaborate on the huge ‘Still Sway & Kane’ with Sway and er.. Kano!

A newcomer getting heavy co-signs like this would normally propel ones ego into the stratosphere, but Tigger Da Author remains poised, confident and calm enough to know that he can and will make an impact in the music scene with his unconventional, yet eclectic and rapid fire narratives.

Stream the Tigga Da Author: Evilution EP on Spotify here and buy it here