Release – Carns Hill Productions Presents – O.T2

In Hip Hop by El Cynico URM

London producer Carns Hill made the sequel that the roads can appreciate with O.T2. Featuring (but not limited too in any way) uk rap pioneer and powerhouse Blade Brown, artist coming into his own right Youngs Teflon, the underrated and dynamic Skwilla SDG, hungry new comer Mental K, noted lyricist and veteran Omz, and finally road rap royalty and also criss crossing the lanes to the mainstream Fem Fel. With a gang of lyricists like this you already now what to expect, so support the scene. 

@carnshill @blademusic @youngsteflon @skwillasdg @mentalkoj @omztrapstar @femfelrelea

Purchase – O.T2 – Carns Hill, Blade Brown, Youngs Teflon, Skwilla SDG, Mental K, Omz, Fem Fel here