Reggae artist Dickie Bonnick drops uplifting 14 track album ‘It’s Not Over’

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

Jamaican reggae artist, full time minister and herbal physician Dickie Bonnick has released a new album which centres around the message of freedom and cooperation. ‘It’s Not Over’ encourages us to set ourselves free mentally, encouraging the listener to eliminate the presence of negative emotions like hate and jealousy. The title track from the album conveys the message of strength in unity, especially in the fight against poverty and inequality. The 14 track album is nothing less than a charismatic release from the reggae artist, and is laden with Dickie’s unique tone and rhythm.

Dickie Bonnick dedicates all of his music to expressing the messages he receives from his creator, and as such has dedicated his life and his art to God. The messages I transmit through my music serve to indoctrinate the future generation to separate themselves from the mental oppression through true divine inspiration. explains Dickie Bonnick who is on a mission with his creative endeavours. Taking worldly inspiration from Bob Marley, Tiger and Sanchez, we may one day see Dickie Bonnick’s name in bright lights worldwide!

Stream the project here and below via Spotify.